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Our Services

In an ever changing business landscape, it is imperative that you take steps to keep up with the times. Don't stress over taking your advertising, marketing and sales digital- let us as WDMG do it for you. 

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Do you want your product to reach the news feed of the perfect client? Let us put it there. We use a time tested strategy to engage, attract and convert potential clients. Set up, management and analytical based reviews are included.

These services apply to:

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Many others

Search Engine Optimization

Want to rank higher in organic Google searches? We can help. Next to paying for Google Ads, the easiest way to increase your ranking on search engines is through SEO. With our SEO program, you will receive a comprehensive review of your webpage set up. Each month, an analysis will be conducted by our professional staff and recommendations will be made to increase your search efficiency.

What will we check for?

  • Website mobile compatibility

  • Broken Links

  • Loading Speed

  • Many other tests and scans

Brand Strategy & Planning

What sets you apart from your competitors? Let us help you define that. At WDMG, our goal is to ensure that your brand is represented the way you want it to be. When working with us, we want to make sure everything has your touch on it- just let us handle the hard stuff.

We have programs in place to help with the following:

  • Logo creation

  • Business cards & other printed materials

  • Customized clothing

  • Social Media posting

  • Website imaging/ creation

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